Migration de L’Arbre - Senyokô

Eau de parfum

“In winter, I just paint myself in green; green is the woodcutter’s song on the cliff.”

Migration de L’Arbre discovers the friendship between a certain bird and a certain tree. This fragrance contemplates the relationship between earth, animal, space, and time; serenity, loyalty, promise, and perpetuality.

Top Notes: clary sage absolute, juniper absolute, cedrat, grapefruit, and yuzu

Heart Notes: elemi, mastic, guaiac, magnolia, osmanthus, pomegranate, and nigella damenscena absolute

Base Notes: ambergris, tobacco absolute, seaweed absolute, vetiver, cabreuva, patchouli, fir balsam, cedar, oakwood, and deertongue

NATURAL SPRAY 50 ml 1.7 fl. oz.

185,00 €

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