GOLD - Puredistance

Extrait de parfum

After the beautiful BLACK and WHITE, Master Perfumer Antoine Lie has created GOLD to finish a trilogy showcasing the 3 signature Puredistance colours, using only the finest ingredients. The visual inspiration for GOLD has been our ‘Golden Mondriaan’: a palette of mainly golden colours created to illustrate the timeless concept of chic gold that naturally harmonizes with its surrounding. Elegant shades of gold - varying in intensity and warmth - are harmoniously laid out in a well balanced pattern.

This is the fifth perfume Antoine Lie has made for Puredistance and just like his other creations for Puredistance, GOLD exactly matches the feeling we had in heart. We have given Antoine carte blanche to use the very best ingredients and so he did. GOLD is a veritable feast of the rarest and most precious natural ingredients.

Perfume Extrait: 48% perfume oil.

Парфюмерный экстракт: 48% парфюмерного масла.


175,00 €


Top Notes
Green Mandarine Essence - Italy, Bergamot Essence - Calabria, Pink peppercorn Essence - Reunion Island,
Rosemary Essence - Morocco, Clove buds Essence - Madagascar
Middle Notes
Jasmin Absolute - India, Ciste Absolute - Spain, Geranium Essence - Morocco,
Cinnamon Bark Absolute - Madagascar
Base Notes
Styrax Essence - Honduras, Benzoin Resinoide - Laos, Myrrhe Resinoide, Patchouli Essence - Indonesia,
Vanilla Green Beans - Madagascar, Tonka Beans Absolute - Venezuela, Castoreum Absolute,
Vetiver Essence - Haiti.

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