12.1 Un Crime Exotique - Pierre Guillaume

Eau de parfum

Spiced Black Tea

Pierre Guillaume first explored the theme of chypre tea in 2005, with Hyperessence Matale 12, texturing it with citrus and leather accents.

Twelve years later, he reworked this theme with Un Crime Exotique 12.1 where the chypre structure is adorned with spicy and gourmet notes.

Sin of gluttony in the land of the rising sun ...

Un Crime Exotique 12.1 plays with the unusual union of Elemi resin and Gingerbread, in the heart of a truculente farandole of flavors, mixing tea steamers, Ceylon cinnamon and star anise. Mate Absolute and cocoa powder tint the Oceanian Sandalwood of a quaint exoticism ...

Bergamot, Elemi, Black tea leaves, Gingerbread, Cocoa, Sandalwood.

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