Fleur de Foudre - Pierre Guillaume

Eau de parfum

The fragrance of the champaca flower captured just before a storm on an island in the Indian Ocean…

The initial idea, simple and beautiful, was to capture the particular scent champaca flowers gives off just before a storm… To achieve this effect, a very special ingredient was needed. One that came as close as possible to the flower, a close relative of magnolia, and that could evoke the utter delicacy of its fresh, floral, slightly fruity facets.

An outstanding essence of white champaca blossom, obtained through low-temperature fractional distillation with its natural waxes removed, carries us off to Réunion Island. The electric, ozone-laced air just before the storm is conjured with vetiver, pepper and Aldemone©, a synthetic molecule that smells of wide-open spaces after a rainfall. A selection of silky, purring musks adds velvety smoothness to a base dominated by black tea absolute and Cashmeran.

With Foudre (“Lightning”), Pierre Guillaume has created a textural, highly narrative woody floral: a wearable atmosphere.

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