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EVODY Parfums offers a mood perfumery, images, captured moments. Authentic olfactory compositions created according to the desires of the creators.

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  • Collection Première

    The fragrances in the Collection Première capture the absolute highlights of the creators’ lives. Childhood, loved ones, having children...

    Régine and Cérine have reimagined these precious moments through fragrances, a beautiful way of making them timeless.


  • Collection d’Ailleurs

    This collection is a tribute to getting away from it all, to the riches of nature, to the diversity of different cultures.The fragrances in the Collection d’Ailleurs, represent the creators very personal interpretations of far away places. Olfactory images that bring together the two great passions of this mother/daughter duo: travel and, of course, fragrance

  • Collection Galerie

    Collection Galerie consists in different opuses inspired by contemporary art trends. 

    Throughout time, art has constantly reinvented itself. The artists contributing to this continuous evolution have turned it into an endless source of inspiration. The poetic encounter between painting and perfume gives birth to multifaceted fragrances.

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    Eau de parfum It is a mixture of rich essences that explode into a thousand-and-one delights. With the magic of incense, wood and flowers, the warmth of mythical amber invites us into the legendary Eastern world. Bay leafIncense, Patchouly, Sandal woodAmber, Opoponax

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  • 99,00 € В наличии

    Eau de parfum D'ÂME DE PIQUE is an ode to roses from “Rose Valley”.We have explored all different facets of the Queen of flowers.D'âme de Pique opens up with a green and sparkling note brought by black current leaves and a dash of pear.In the heart the rose is honored. The essences are magnified by a syrupy raspberry.At the end, the voluptuousness of...

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    Eau de parfum Ombre Fumée is an ode to vetiver. This raw material is Reunion’s wealth. Vetiver will be wrapped with dark mysterious but sensual notes as well as green and fresh notes to characterize the diversity of Reunion’s flora.Invigorating Citrus notes from Orange and lemon open up this fragrance.This freshness facet is followed by the softer touch...

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  • 143,20 € 179,00 € -20% В наличии

    Eau de parfum Аромат вдохновленный абстракционизмом, художественным течением в основе которого лежит игра с формами, линиями, плоскостями и светом, результат которой не предполагает какое-либо соответствие реальности. SENS ABSTRAIT был построен абсолютно по тем же принципам: вызвать эмоции через ингредиенты, которые пересекаются, соединяются и...

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  • 71,20 € 89,00 € -20% В наличии

    Eau de parfum This energizing perfume is a festival of scents blending the freshness of citrus fruits and oak moss with spices. Bergamot, Lemon.Cardamom, Rosemary, ElemiVetiver, Oak moss

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    Eau de parfum MUSC INTENSE explodes on the skin as a vibrant citrus cocktail enhanced with soft wood and white musk. a perfume of temptation and sensuality, with a headiness bordering on ecstasy .. Ambrettolide, Bergamote, ElemiBlue Ginger, Petit grainCedarwood, Sandalwood, Musk

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