Rosamunda - Laboratorio Olfattivo

A large quantity of Bulgarian and Turkish Roses and long hours of distillation to get this creation: the seductive power of the Rose is  brought to fever pitch and its being classic is corrupted with Patchouli. Around this beating heart, illuminated by green lymph of rose, a scented scenario of golden spices, ancient woods and animal notes with an aphrodisiac imprint.  An impalpable landscape unknown to the eyes and to the nose,  a Rose worthy of adoration for which a celebratory altar was built, an altar covered by Oud, from which an essence with an immortal appeal  is extracted.

Top notes:
Saffron, Rose leafs
Mid notes:
Bulgarian Rose essence, Absolute of Turkish Rose, Patchouli
Base notes:
Oud, Cedar, Sandal, Amber, Animal Musk

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