Dualité Magnifique - Plume Impression

Eau de parfum

Oriental Oud Floral
It’s Carnival in Venice and everybody is invited. Streets are buzzing full of life, elusive shapes appearing here and there. Gently I get ushered through the cracks of time soaking up this vibrant scene. Masks of extraordinary luxury paired with glamorous hosts engage in secret plays. Drawn in by this illustrious scene, a luxurious scent captures my attention.
 “Where did it come from, where did it go?” Elusive and mysterious just as everything around, I follow the trail of this fragrant unknown. Alley after alley, corner after corner I try to catch this hypnotizing scent.
Suddenly a breathtaking elegant persona brushes by, dressed in black and white. “Dualite Magnifique!” I think to myself while soaking up this stunning concoction of Rose, Oud and Amber that leaves this powerful yet sensual scent.
This is a fragrance with two facets, both equally magnificent. Amber and oud create a mysterious feeling to this otherwise glamorous journey, rose and saffron carefully nestled in a well crafted leather case.
Head: Davana, Saffron
Heart: Rose, Akigalawood, Cypriol
Base: Oud, Suede leather, Dry Amber

195,00 €

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