Eclat de Joie - Plume Impression

Eau de parfum

Woody Citrus
A luminous day where the warmth of the sun evokes a summer dream. Music playing, people dancing and a wonderful atmosphere surrounding us. A beautiful yacht with wooden decks harbored in the turquoise water. Fragrant irises scattered on the deck. Waiters in crisp white balance trays of silver glasses.
Just as one passes, I smell a powerful blend of spices, liquid treasure to remember. Black pepper, with a hint of ginger intoxicating all the senses. Suddenly I get picked up. Entangled in a game of badminton I get swirled from side to side.
“Boys against Girls” one shouts and the crowed is cheering in. Joyful laughter, playful teasing, the girls are out to win the game. And while the battle begins, the sun sets and leaves an exhilarating trail of victory in the air.
Citrus notes launch this fragrance and set the tone for an exciting journey. Spices interplay with soft white flowers till the luxurious musky veil eventually wraps you like a second skin.

Head:Tangerine, Coriander, Aquatic, Black pepper
Heart: Jasmine, Orris, Ginger, Galbanum
Base: Vetiver, Musk

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