J'ai Fait un Rêve - Obscur - Majda Bekkali

Eau de Parfum

I had a dream
I dreamt of a world
Where differences embrace
To give birth to the exceptional.
I had a dream
I dreamt of a universal being
With a dignity primitively human, primordial
With a conscience shared and a memory mutual.
I had a dream
I dreamt of a harmonious breeze
Reconciling humanity with nature.
I had a dream
I dreamt of art as a response to hatred and woe      
An independent impertinent art that binds talents, rebinds minds and unbinds emotions.
An art that builds bridges in the places where walls arise.

Pink pepper, bergamot, Egyptian jasmine absolute, vanilla flower, oud, saffron, Moroccan atlas cedar and cashmere wood

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