Encens Kapnos - Maison Incens

Eau de parfum

A perfume from the Les Eaux Divinatoires collection by Maison Incens.

Welcome to the world of fantasy, mysterious rituals and alluring incense.
Encens Kapnos, the perfect fragrance for fortune-telling. Kapnos means "smoke" in Greek, and Kapnomancy is predicting the future by observing the movement, colour, shape and direction of the smoke.

In the fantasy world of Artganis, which is the inspiration for this fragrance house, people in leather clothing are using special incense scented with red fruit, blackcurrant and herbs for the ritual.

They burn olibanum and incense in the woods when darkness falls. Can you smell it?
There is no other smell like it.
Touch the subtle world, look into the future and discover yourself with Encens Kapnos.

Top Notes : Red Fruits, Green Notes
Heart Notes : Leathery, Woody, Incense
Base Notes : Incense, Musky, Gourmand Notes

98,00 €

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