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Cologne parfum

The Master Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, inspired by his love for Italy, created the Parfum Cologne Mandarino, a portrait of Italian happiness. Mandarino is the first one of the collection “Viaggio in Italia”, a journey to Italy, that is like sunshine in winter.

«It is the most joyous of all the citrus fruits. When I want to lend my fragrances a radiant smile (and I often do), I use mandarin essence. The advantage with Colognes is that they are made for the “layering” of fragrances. Mandarin Parfum Cologne is formulated to be both simple and sophisticated. It can be used for its own, but is also compatible with all fragrances and gives them the smile that you want to have on a specific day. What’s more, it is long lasting. So smile! You have been fragranced.»

Jean-Claude Ellena

Notes : Italian Tangerine, Blackcurrant, White Musk

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