A Une Madone - Pierre Guillaume

Eau de parfum

"The discovery of this contradictory vanilla, which is vanilla Planifolia from Uganda, immediately drew me back into my research for the creation of "Louanges Profanes" (2009).

A une Madone” (To a Madonna), an excerpt from Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil), depicts a ritual in which the Baudelairean woman is both a resplendent divinity and a purely carnal Being, inflaming her senses with a destructive desire for possession.

Charles Baudelaire’s work illustrated for me how, in the most beautiful of ways, human passion can borrow the sacred vocabulary to the point of blasphemy. Through “A une Madone” I attempt to reproduce the contradictory architecture of the Louanges Profanes in which the innocent purity of Neroli confronted the lasciviousness of Benzoin. This time, since Uganda Vanilla alone contains this sensory duality, I have simply amplified each of its facets." - Pierre Guillaume

Notes: Cardamom, Ugandan Vanilla, Guaiac Milk, Animalized Sandalwood Castoreum, Civet, Myrrh, Styrax

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