Anti-Blues - Pierre Guillaume

Eau de parfum

In the painting of Jacques Monory, blue forgives everything. It makes the crime aesthetic, the threat fascinating. Bathed in shades of highly desirable blues, urban and contemporary violence paradoxically becomes hypnotic. 

Through a vapor of Incense mixed with Vetiver, the woody bitterness of Cacao Wood, Saffron and Amyris rises.

Anti-Blues deploys its greedy and dark nature by stretching its olfactory spectrum from the smell of Hay and Dark Chocolate to the animal nuances of a Vanilla hemmed with Leather and Tobacco.

Pierre Guillaume revisits the structure "Dark Gourmand" characteristic of his first creations and performs a warm and mineral woody scent

By contrasting the animal vibration of dark chocolate with the urban coldness suggested by the notes of frankincense, saffron and vetiver, the perfumer, influenced by the work of Monory, composes a painting with a dark and electric atmosphere.

Dark Chocolate
Saffron Grapefruit

Incense Resin
Cacao Wood
Fresh Hay - Amyris

Tobacco Vetiver
Leather Vanilla

150,00 €

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