Tubéreuse Manifeste - Evody

Eau de parfum

Inspired by the surrealist movement, Tubéreuse manifeste is a complete reinterpretation of the tuberose flower.

Playing with its fragrance, releasing the unconscious, breaking with the codes, taking tuberose to the unexpected grounds of provocation… Turning it into a narcotic, addictive, intoxicating experience. A travel through an erotic dream, carnal, sensual. At first, alcoholic and sirupy rum notes followed by davana and rose absolute will come as a surprise. Their headiness will linger as sweet labdanum and benzoin notes appear, as well as leathery and animal tones. A voluptuous reverie.

Rum (CO2 extracted), Roman camomile, green and crispy notes
Davana, Tuberose, Rose absolute, Iris butter
Labdanum, Vanilla absolute, Animal, leathery notes

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