The Oscent collection was inspired by the history of the Philosopher's Stone, a legendary alchemical substance capable of turning metals into gold and gives eternal life.

According to the brand's legend, Oscent fragrances have the magical power to exalt those who wear them.

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    Oscent Pink can be compared to the taste of a traditional French dessert - raspberry macaron from your favorite pastry shop, sprinkled with white orange blossom powder. Sweet notes of raspberries are perfectly balanced by a citrus accord and noble jasmine to make it more elegant and sophisticated. A soft fruity floral perfume gently envelopes with its...

    142,00 €
    Product available with different options
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    The philosopher's stone myth comes alive in the shape of an elixir of eternal life - Oscent Rouge. A joyful celebration of life, an invitation to enjoy its fullness. Sun, earth and fire are the three vital elements that merge within this perfume into a perfect alchemy. The heat of the sun’s rays reveals the sweet notes of fig. The earth spirit expresses...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items