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  • Alexandre.J

    Alexandre.J, creative french designer launches his eponymous fragrance brand in 2012 with only desire: that of creation. He frees himself from the codes of the traditional perfumery to propose his own vision of beauty: the alliance of luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances.

  • Attache-moi

    ATTACHE MOI is a French perfume house created in 2009. Aesthetics of the brand blends all forms of art and passionate life stories. Captured moments embodied in a bottle, carry sparks of joy and reveal unforgettable facets of fate. 


    This brand has created a collection of fine fragrance designed to resonate with British identity and challenge the boundaries of contemporary perfumery. Drawing from the rich historical narratives of the seafaring nation, Leo Crabtree has created powerfully evocative, provocative niche fragrances.

  • Carner Barcelona

    A perfume brand that transmits the essence of Barcelona. Creators of the brand are captivated by Barcelona’s Mediterranean soul; its architecture, culture and the unique way in which history merges with the contemporary lifestyle and the vitality of its people.

  • David Jourquin
  • Dusita Paris
  • Eris Parfums

    Named after Eris, the Greek goddess of troublemaking and disruption, brand ERIS PARFUMS is inspired by muses — divine, human, and fragrant — that exemplify unconventional beauty and dark, subversive glamour. 


    The brand that celebrates perfumery as the art of chemistry. The Escentric fragrance highlights the unique character of the aroma-molecule with ingredients that enhance its key facets. The Molecule fragrance is radically minimalist, contains no odorants except the aroma-molecule, pure and singular.


    Etat Libre d’Orange is a declaration of independence.

  • Evody Parfums

    EVODY Parfums offers a mood perfumery, images, captured moments. Authentic olfactory compositions created according to the desires of the creators.

  • Ex Idolo
  • Jul et Mad

    Le Luxe à la Française
    Le savoir-faire Français, combiné à un incomparable raffinement artistique et un luxe absolu, définit la Maison de Haute Parfumerie JUL ET MAD Paris.

  • Imaginary Authors

    Imaginary Authors is born from the concept of scent as art and art as provocation. Like a good book, these scents are meant to inspire you.

  • Jacques Fath

    The spirit of Jacques Fath perfumes is captured today within the Fath’s Essentials Collection, its contemporary design and emblematic codes.

  • Laboratorio Olfattivo

    “The Gods create scents, men make perfumes ”

    -Jean Giono-

    The story of Laboratorio Olfattivo is a story of a project born in 2009 from Daniela Caon and Roberto Drago’s love for niche perfumes.

  • Lord of Barbes
  • L'Orchestre Parfum

    For the first time, music sublimates the most beautiful notes of fine perfumery. 5 luxurious unisex fragrances, hand-crafted by the greatest french artisans, perfumers and musicians. New notes. New accords. New harmony.

  • Maison Incens
  • Maison Matine

    Free and rebel Maison de parfum,
    Graphic perfumes !

  • MDCI Parfums

    Parfums MDCI create for amateurs and collectors exclusive perfumes and precious, desirable flacons.
    Here the enchantment of exquisite fragrances is enhanced by the emotional beauty of the bottle.

  • Moresque Parfum

    Cette maison italo-amstellodamoise porte bien son nom : « nasomatto » signifie « nez fou » en italien. Créée par le parfumeur Alessandro Gualtieri, personnage excentrique et anticonformiste se surnommant lui-même « The Nose », la marque cultive sa différence en proposant des créations marquantes, étranges, puissantes. L’évocation des paradis artificiels est un leitmotiv de Nasomatto, avec des parfums aux noms explicites comme Black Afgano, Absinth, Hindu Grass, Narcotic Venus ou China White. Autre parti-pris : ne pas communiquer sur les matières premières, « because only a nose knows » (parce que seul un nez sait). Reste à se laisser happer sans se poser de question par la force expressive de ces parfums atypiques.

  • Neandertal

    Neandertal perfume imagines the life of this mysterious being while raising questions of the past and future of modern humans.

  • Noème

    This Perfume house takes its name from the philosophical concept Noème  which designates what exists outside of human consciousness, out of sight.
    Nature is double-bottomed, labyrinthine and does not need our eyes to exist.
    These perfumes celebrate the eternal and unalterable secret of things.

  • Paul Emilien
  • Phaedon

    The house of Phaedon was founded by two Parisian aesthetes with a passion for travel and the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean.

    A zoomorphic emblem representing two Assyrian griffins crowns the name of the legendary slave turned philosopher: Phaedon of Elis.

  • Pierre Guillaume Paris
  • Plume Impression

    Plume Impression is an artistic perfume brand inspired by the duality of feather: light and solid but free and eternal at the same time. Brand is based on extreme liberty of creating delicate and expressive fragrances.

  • Puredistance

    Puredistance is one of the most exclusive Perfume Houses in the world
    that offers only Pure Perfume Extrait.

  • Senyokô

    Senyokô is a unique combination of Japanese elegance and French luxury, fused with avant-garde elements from literature, fine arts, and music rooted in both Eastern and Western cultures, creating rare and exquisite fragrances. At Senyokô, every fragrance tells its own story.

  • Slm (sous le manteau ™)

    Since the ancient times, the recipes of love potions were secretly preserved. Ancient formulas and centuries-old legends, they were meant to create desire that the other one could not resist. ...

  • Yanina Yakusheva

    Perfume is a disembodied living being, created by the intention of a perfumer. It has its character and traits, a set of features that produce its own visual models - a living person with a certain destiny. The personalities are the material embodiments of the scent. They are real, alive, they live by their nature and structure of the created fragrance, being completely subordinate and limited by it.

  • Yohji Yamamoto
  • 1907

    1907 is heritage, homage and continuity that life wrote at the aristocratic court.

  • Travel Spray
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    Eau de parfum Woody Oriental Tobacco - Spicy and Vibrant A shortened olfactory pyramid for this first scent based on essential Canapa Sativa Seed Oil. The olfactory complexity of this extraction deserved a bold and original construction capable of bringing out all the facets of this rare and precious ingredient.In place of the head note, the...

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  • 102,00 € In Stock

    Eau de parfum Dry Woods FloralSombre, heady and opulent leather is generally an inevitable componentof men’s perfumery. Reinterpreted, modernised - even feminised - it shows a new oriental and erotic facet that gives it depth and mystery. Pierre Guillaume has made this luxurious Leather note vibrant and vividby combining Absolute of Orange blossom, hints...

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  • 102,00 € In Stock

    Oriental Gourmand - MuskedMouth watering…Milky-smooth Cumaru wood is refreshed with green notes of coffee treeblossom presiding over a contrasting accord on a black and white theme :white musk and cocoa bean come together in an unexpected harmony. The sweet, powdery smoothness of the latter, echoed by vanilla-scented Amber and Tonka Bean, responds to the...

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    Eau de parfum Oriental Floral - WoodyThe legend of Circe, an enchantress in the mythological tale of the Odyssey, greatly inspired the perfumeur : she caused the loss of Ulysses’ companions through her magic spells. L'eau de Circé is a “magic potion”, captivating and magnetic, it draws its mystery from a precious floral blend of absolute of Damask Rose,...

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    Eau de parfum  Woody AromaticFinding the right balance between freshness and staying power,lightness and sophistication : Matale Black Tea is the central theme to this rich, mixed, aromatic eau that is both fresh and woody. L'Eau rare Matale is spicy and slightly floral, with a fresh, comfortable scent, the black tea rendered in terms of light and dark...

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  • 102,00 € In Stock

    All the nobility and authenticity of a simple accord a perfumer in Louis XIV ‘s time would have created. The historical Cologne accord, revamped by Pierre Guillaume, textured with the subtle florality of gardenia, the fruity notes of peach and the woody signature of vetyver. 

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