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  • 98,00 € In Stock

    Cécile Zarokian Un roi, assis sur son trône, cheveux blancs et barbe, couronne à la tête mais aussi chemise à fleurs, paréo et tongs. “Patchouliful”, signifie “more than beautiful” dans l’Urban Dictionnary ; C’est un patchouli royal, lumineux, qui garde son esprit hippie mais lui donne un aspect différent, moins terreux et mais surtout plus raffiné, dans...

    98,00 €
    In Stock
  • 190,00 € In Stock

    WOODY ORIENTAL A bewitching sensual fragrance for lovers of rare, high-quality fabrics Indian Jasmine alcoolat Grand Cru 5%,Madagascar Green Vanilla oleoresin Grand Cru 2.5%,Somalian Myrrh oil 15%,Haitian special Vetiver oil Grand Cru 10%contains Épicéa oil from the Alps Maturation : 3 weeksMaceration : 2 weeks

    190,00 €
    In Stock
  • 102,00 € In Stock

    Eau de ParfumA beach party… from Ibiza to Miami Pierre Guillaume revisits a historical fragrance family by boldly redrawing its outlines to offer a modern, hybrid composition. Though the scent is built around classic chypre ingredients – patchouli, vetiver, labdanum, vanilla and oak moss, its fruity aromatic accord adds an offbeat, playful touch. Lime,...

    102,00 €
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  • 95,00 € In Stock

    Eau de parfum In 1980, Gwen K. Vroomen quit a monotonous job, went to the corner bar, and – on the bartender’s urging – threw a dart at a world map tacked on the wall. She had never heard of Goa but knew immediately she needed to go. Three months later she was celebrating Hindu New Year at a tea garden high in the hills of Kerala, fireworks exploding...

    95,00 €
    In Stock
  • 102,00 € In Stock

    Woody FreshA woody, modern and raw fragrance, created from the duality of citrus oils and truly primitive notes: somke of burning incense, laurel branches and resins. Green, fresh incens: an "Eau" infused with dry woods. Cinchona Bark, Olibanum Resin, Aloe wood and Musk.  

    102,00 €
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  • 179,00 € In Stock

    Eau de parfum Abstract art is an appeal to emotion through shapes and colours which, once assembled, neither represent nor suggest reality.SENS ABSTRAIT was conceived using this same principles, arousing emotions with intertwined and echoing raw materials. Citrus fruits answer to green notes and floral notes mix with dry, amber woods. A non-figurative and...

    179,00 €
    In Stock
  • 70,00 € In Stock

    Self-proclaimed Lord Hervé spilled gin regularly, when one day he said to himself, that gin could become a perfume! He adapted the perfume of gin into a perfume to wear, by repeating the ingredients of the gin recipe, without taking into consideration the proportions and then reinterpreted as closely as possible. Head:  Angelica, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Juniper...

    70,00 €
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  • 225,00 € In Stock

    Eau de parfum Opulent. Sumptuous. Imperial : Palatine Cyprus could be compared to brocades or to a rare fur such as zibeline fitted for a Tsar. It is perfect for daily wear, sophisticated, warm, precious but easy and discrete. Of an unusual elegance.Head: Hyacinth, Tangerine, Cistus, Galbanum, Thyme, LavenderHeart: Rose, Jasmine, Iris , Plum,...

    225,00 €
    In Stock